Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems Gold Coast, Brisbane
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Make security and carpark management easier with Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Designed to create less paperwork and headaches and provide you with a greater level of security, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology for security and car park management is the way of the future.

ANPR uses high-resolution cameras, infrared lighting and leading software with optical character recognition (OCR) to capture and record license plate details in image and text with ease at any time of the day or night.


Security has never been more convenient



Forget the complications and traffic issues of lost tickets or tags; high-speed number plate recognition ensures cars access and exit the car park or property faster.


Fully Aaccurate

Created to overcome difficult car park design and viewpoints, cameras and software can easily recognise number plates through curves and on angles.


Fully Secure

With an intuitive web interface that has HTTPS Encryption (SSL) and password protection, video footage is secure and viewing it is user-friendly.


Easy Accessible

With email notifications sent for specific events, problems and queries, and the option to use your smartphone for easy access, you remain in the loop at all times and receive notifications of any pressing issues.


ANP Searchable

Number plates and vehicle images are time and date stamped for easy searching should you need to locate a specific vehicle at a particular date or time.


Full Scalable

Suitable for one camera or many, the only limit on your ability to grow is your processing power and network design. ANPR can also leverage off existing IP networks efficiently without overloading it with video traffic, and the database can be distributed or centralised depending on the complexities required.


Full Flexible

ANPR is easily integrated with a range of the best parking management and access control systems that are operational within Australia like Skidata.

Want to find out how you can leverage Automatic Number Plate Recognition in your business? Call us today on +61(0)4 55 369 465 or email