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Indoor Camera

Unfortunately your safety doesn’t come with a guarantee…

Life doesn’t always go to plan. Every day we hear of neighbourhood disputes, burglaries, home invasions, abductions, vandalism and crimes of opportunity.


While it can seem like just another news story, the threat to your family’s safety is real. In fact, you and your family are more likely to be the victim of a burglary than any other crime.

What about your business, if worse came to worse would your interests be protected?

As a business owner, you sacrifice a lot for your business. You start early, and you work late. At times, you forfeit your wage to maintain cash flow and ensure everyone else gets paid. You even invest your savings in growing – and you don’t think twice about doing it.

Investing money, time and effort into building our businesses seems natural after all, but what isn’t is how little we put into protecting it. We leave what we are working so hard to build vulnerable along with the people we love most that should be guarded behind it.

Can you sleep soundly knowing you’ve done everything you can?

Criminals are opportunistic if they will see an open window, door or a chance they won’t get caught they will take it. But if they see sensor lights, security cameras, alarm systems and security screens – major deterrents where criminals are concerned, they will often move on.


With VersaTronics services you can sleep easy knowing that you have world-class security cameras and surveillance solutions keeping watch when you can’t. Believing that when it comes to your safety and security only the best will do, we provide a wide range of the latest security solutions including:

High Definition Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Network Cameras and Video Recorders

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology

Integration of ANPR (LPR) technology with new or existing Carpark management systems like SkiData

ModiCam Wireless Rapid Deployment Camera

High Definition MOBOTIX Network Cameras and Solutions

Waterproof, vandal proof and infrared for true day and night vision

Full system setup including appropriate storage

Ability to keep watch from your phone

So think about it, if there were a fraudulent slip and fall, theft, false accusation, competitor sabotage or rogue employee – would you know and have the proof you need to protect your business?


What about your home, are you doing everything you can to deter criminals and protect your family?


Your security is just not worth the risk. Call us today on +61(0)4 55 369 465 to review your security and make sure you have the right solutions for your needs.