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ANPR & Traffic Vision

Welcome to Versatronics. We are a distinguished company offering first class, top-notch, well-defined mobile ANPR, Traffic, Security, Enforcement, car access control and Smart City systems to various individuals and business across Australia and all around the globe. Versatronics contributes to ticketless parking services as a preferred service partner of the international ticketless car parking equipment manufacturer SKIDATA. As a prominent force in the industry, we have a team of highly qualified, talented, well-trained, highly skilled, and technically sound experts at our disposal.

In order to offer you the very best form of services, we make use of state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge tools that meet with industry standards. All our services are offered with a high level of professionalism. We are always ready to surpass your expectations.

What We Do – Our Services

At Versatronics, we remain your go-to company for services such as smart city solutions, enforcement of on-street parking and and traffic related Solutions like average speed cameras and city traffic heat maps . We also offer mobile ANPR solutions, car park access control systems, and a host of other services. All our services are transparent, well-detailed and expertly executed. We are always ready to customize our services to your requirements, needs and budget.

Increase your revenue

High-tech ANPR technology can be used to optimise your efficiency, generate or protect revenue and greatly improve customer satisfaction

Access Control

Our licence plate recognition (LPR) and other technologies serve to secure your premises perimeter or entrances

Avoid commuters and turnaround

Parking turnaround will be a thing of the past and commuters can't abuse the free parking for customers

Ticketless Parking

VersaTronics is a preferred service contractor to the market leading Ticketless solution specialist SKIDATA. The ticketless parking system is a simple solution to issues relating to lost parking tickets and allows car parking without the need for a paper ticket. This makes parking quicker and easier than it has ever been.

The ticketless parking system is a timed parking system based on license plate recognition. At the entrance, a camera recognizes the vehicle’s license plate details and a digital screen displays the arrival time for that vehicle. There are no boom gates and hence vehicles are not required to stop for any tickets. In the car park, available parking spaces can be located using a green and red light system.

Lector Vision Australia

VersaTronics Pty Ltd is the official distributor for Lector Vision’s Traffic, Security, Enforcement, Mobile ANPR and Access Control Systems, a well known, state of the art ANPR Technology provider. The Lector Vision Australia mobile ANPR solution is a High-performance system that ensures better traffic management, greater access control to vehicles, parking management, etc. Our Lector Vision System gives our customers complete freedom to effortlessly improve traffic management, monitor and control vehicles and increase road safety through live traffic data solutions and traffic reports.

Lector Vision Australia software is an intelligent transportation system that is based on artificial vision, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and advanced image processing solutions for traffic improvement and a wide range of other applications. This ensures high-speed image processing, high accuracy in number plates detection, optimum reliability in automatic number plate reading and easy but effective adaptability to different plate conditions and environment.


The automatic number plate recognition software is a sophisticated security system designed to eliminate all the stress and headaches associated with paperwork by providing a greater level of security.

ANPR access control system uses high-resolution IP cameras, infrared lighting, and high-speed number plate recognition to ensure vehicle have easy access and exit to and from a facilities car park. These IP cameras capture and record the license plate details of every vehicle in text or image formats easily at any time of the day or night no matter the weather or environmental condition.

With ANPR software, security has become a whole lot fast, accurate, secure, accessible, searchable, scalable and flexible.

Mobile ANPR

Mobile ANPR system is a car parking solution that ensures safety on the road by helping patrol officers monitor and control the circulation of unlicensed or unregistered vehicles.

Designed specifically for patrol cars, the mobile ANPR system performs readings in real-time using optical character recognition (OCR) and installed mobile cameras for reinforcement and reads the registration plates of vehicles quickly as the patrol car drives past.

Car Access Control

The car access control system eliminates pin code and key passes related issues when trying to control access to a restricted area.

Unlike other restricted access parking systems that need operators to allow or deny entry, this system controls access to car parks by employing an ANPR car park management system. The integration of automatic number plate recognition in car parks have made car park access control a lot easier and secure.

Apart from the fact that all our services are well-detailed, we also offer fastest turn-around time. Prompt delivery is our watchword. We will always deliver before your project deadline. With Versatronics, you are guaranteed high-quality ticketless parking services, mobile ANPR solutions, and car park access control systems.

Keeping Watch


We can provide you with a complete solution to meet your requirements

Depending on your requirements we can provide a wide range of the latest security solutions including:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology

Integration of ANPR (LPR) technology with new or existing Carpark management systems like SkiData

In-Car Video Solutions for Law Enforcement and Public Transport

High Definition MOBOTIX Network Cameras and Solutions

Targeted ANPR based marketing at drive thru's or car parks

Standalone Indoor Cameras

Standalone Indoor cameras with a high resolution of up to 6MP Day and Night can also provide a Heat map of your store, all FREE of charge

Monitored From Device

Cameras can be monitored from your device, from home or in the office with the free MOBOTIX Software

Mobotix Dual Camera

The weatherproof, robust successor to the successful MOBOTIX dual camera features interchangeable sensor modules as well as the latest MOBOTIX system technology.