Mobile ANPR Camera | Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Enforcement
VersaTronics Pty Ltd provides the full range of mobile ANPR solutions by Lector Vision Australia and can be used for Law enforcement or in the car park industry
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Mobile ANPR Solution – Delta Car, Control Car and Control Bike by Lector Vision Australia

Lector Vision has developed a number of ground-breaking systems for mobile ANPR applications

The Lector Vision australia mobile ANPR solution is a High-performance system for the detection of wanted vehicles or in an irregular situation. Specially designed for use in patrol cars, it is prepared to perform readings in real-time on both sides of the road while the vehicle is moving. As a result, the car can move faster than personal on foot, furthermore, cover a larger geographical area in less time.

Based on OCR technology, the equipment is using led illuminators, four digital cameras, two color and two in black and white. It can be expanded by mounting a fifth video surveillance camera as reinforcement. In conclusion, these elements enhance your viewing angle and scope. It can capture images at 15 meters covering two lanes of the road.

From inside the vehicle, the agent can control all the action that is developing outside. With the 10″ touch screen,  the agent select different aspects of control: stolen plates, uninsured etc. Operating with external databases, the system launches an alarm signal when a vehicle is detected, whose enrollment coincides with some kind of quest, to make an arrest.

The outside of the unit is protected by a housing which makes it weatherproof and adheres to the vehicle by means of magnets. Hence, it is an easy disassembly in case the car needs to be restored to its original format to suit other uses.

Lector Vision’s Automatic Number Plate Reader works quietly in the background, reading number plates and alerting the patrol officer when a hot-listed vehicle comes into view. ANPR helps find wanted criminals, identify stolen cars and catch unlicensed or uninsured vehicles. A log file of identified license plates with time and location stamps can be used to discover suspicious activity or solve crimes.

ControlCar – mobile law enforcement 

The ControlCar system automatically detects and identifies the number plates of parked or moving vehicles. Very small in size, it can be fixed to the upper part of the vehicle by means of a magnetic support, hence reducing installation costs.

The System consists of a compact unit comprising a number plate reading camera, a colour overview camera and IR illumination. Control is performed from a rugged touch screen. The ANPR Software can be customised to individual customer requirements. It can easily be integrated with external databases or other 3rd party applications.

DeltaCar – mobile camera for car parking control 

The DeltaCar by Lector Vision Australia is based on ANPR or LPR technology. It allows the capture of number plates simultaneously on both sides of the vehicle. The mobile camera system is equipped with LED IR illumination and four cameras – two ANPR cameras and two colour cameras for a general colour overview. In addition, a fifth colour cctv camera is optional for transmission of images in real time.

The exterior design of the roof mounted ANPR camera unit improve the systems angle of vision and range, allowing it to capture number plates at a distance of over 15 metres and can cover 2 traffic lanes, one on each side of the vehicle. As a result, only one run needs to be performed along a road.

ControlBike – the mobile ANPR allrounder

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Lector Vision Australia’s ControlBike is capable of taking readings in motion. In addition, it simultaneously reads number plates 360° around the motorcycle. The highly mobile system comprises four monochrome number plate reading cameras with their corresponding IR illuminators. The GPS positioning system and OCR processor are installed in the motorcycle top case.


The rider can manage the ANPR software solution using the buttons fitted to the handlebar and receive visual information from LEDs to minimise distractions. The ControlBike can integrate with external databases for number plate consultations in real time and can also be customised to individual client requirements.

Mobile ANPR Solution Characteristics

• Reading license plates on moving vehicles in circulation and standing on both sides of the track.
• Inspection and inquiries in real time.
• Higher performance with superior equipment.

• Able to collect data during the day and night.
• Simple control via touch screen from inside the patrol car.
• Integration with external databases.
• Equipped with internal GPS location on map.
• Customizable and configurable according to customer requirements.

Benefits of Mobile ANPR

• Ensures safety on the road, avoiding the circulation of vehicles with irregularities.
• Improves circulation avoiding jams caused by improper parking.