Traffic Eye® Red Light
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Traffic Eye® Red Light

TRAFFIC EYE® / RED LIGHT, based on artificial vision, helps to avoid vehicle’s Red Light Crossing by automatically detecting vehicles which do not stop at them. It is an automatic system integrated into a single device which include two cameras (a B/W and a colour one), CPU, and infrared illumination. One unit is capable of handling two adjacent lanes.

Traffic Eye for Red Light Enforcement doesn’t require the installation of electromagnetic loops or other road equipment as it is based on image analysis. A signal from the Traffic Light Controller is used to get the state of the Traffic Light in all environmental conditions.


Traffic Eye® is a powerful automatic number plate reading system designed for control and management of traffic on highways, roads, street and in general, any type of road open to traffic.

It’s a system “All in one” that integrates on a single equipment, camera, lighting, processing unit, and the electronic control. With this solution, we reduce installation cost, by eliminating complex wiring and independent units for process previously used. Only one Traffic Eye® is needed for every two lanes control.

It’s operation is automatic, it does not require operators or supervision. It can be configured to work with multiple applications and the information generated can be distributed to multiple instances and users. It may be located on the side of the road or gantries on urban or interurban roads.


Traffic Eye® is made of advanced systems and latest technology.


  • Automatic Number Plate Reading high performance.
  • High resolution cameras equipped with infrared illuminators, capable reading at high speeds, with heavy traffic and poor lighting conditions 24 hours per day, and 365 days per year.
  • Electronic control system able to manage exposure times of the cameras and infrared lighting during the capture process that integrates GPS time synchronization.
  • Real-time communication with control center, using any available technology (cable, optical fiber, GPRS, 3G…).



  • Maximum reliability of number plate recognition (integrates Lector Vision High Flow OCR engine)
  • Reading number plates of vehicles travelling at speeds that exceed 280 km/h.
  • Shadows removal algorithm in environments that make difficult the correct reading.
  • Processing images with different lighting levels, both or very dark (night) or near to saturation (direct sun), as in different weather conditions.
  • Tolerance to different states of conservation license plates.
  • Supports different sizes regarding image registration.
  • Getting the plate from multiple vehicle’s images, analysing every frame available to increase reliability.
  • Flexibility in the camera’s placement with high tolerance angles, both horizontal and vertical.
  • Time synchronization by GPS (optional).
  • Easy to install and configuration via website.
  • Panoramic camera to capture colour image (optional).



Sensor Type: CMOS

Sensor Technology: Global shutter

Resolution: 1936 pixels x 1216 pixels

Sensor Size: 1/1⁄2”

Exposure Control: Programmable



Sensor Type: CMOS

Sensor Technology: Global shutter

Resolution: 1936 pixels x 1216 pixels

Sensor Size: 1/1⁄2”



Lighting Type: Infrared LED Array

Lighting Control: Pulsed and synchronized. Integrated power stage

Wavelength: 940 nm

Range: Up to 30m



Processor: Intel Atom N2930 Quad-Core extended temperature range


Hard Disc: SSD with extended range



  • Operating System: Windows
  • Shooting Modes: Software and Hardware
  • License Recognition Plate Engine Lector Engine High Flow
  • Communication Gigabit Ethernet (Ethernet 10/100/1000)
  • Connector 9 pin (power supply and digital inputs and outputs)
  • Power supply 48 DC / Consumption 40W
  • Operating temperature: -20oC to 60oC
  • Dimensions and weight: 34x25x11 cm / 5 kg
  • Temperature control and Latency
  • Waterproof stainless steel housing for use indoors and outdoors (IP67)
  • Specific functionality for image capture license number plate reading
  • Warranty: 12 months against manufacturing defects