Plate Tracker
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Plate Tracker

Plate Tracker is an application for devices with Android operating system, developed by Lector Vision, that provides the user with an effective tool for the management of vehicle data through automatic recognition of license plates. This application allows to efficiently collect the information of the controlled vehicles, generating listings with registrations that include license plate, GPS position, images, videos and other additional data.
In addition to recording data, Plate Tracker allows you to perform real-time queries and compare the readings with Databases and Vehicle Lists (white and black), generating alarms when necessary.
The Plate Tracker application is designed to work on any Android device with camera, GPS and memory for storage. The Databases and the lists on which to consult can be stored in the own terminal or in remote servers, in this case it is necessary that the terminal has data connection.


  • Plate Tracker software is designed to be easily installed on any Android device.
  • It’s a highly intuitive and user-friendly application.
  • Effective: Each read plate is stored together with the GPS position where it was detected. This combined with the ability to associate images and videos with each reading becomes a powerful tool for any parking controller.
  • Safe: Each number read is compared to databases and customised lists, giving a warning in case of being in one of them.
  • Tolerance to the different storage conditions of license plates.
  • Supports different license plate sizes with respect to the image.
  • GPS time synchronization.